Christmas Eye Candy


No matter what you tell your parents, the number one item on every single girl’s wish list is a cute boy for Christmas. December has creeped up upon us without a warning, and along with snowflakes and lights, the season has given us an abundance of Christmas parties to dress up for. Here are three little numbers that are sure to warm his heart in the cold weather.


French Connection ‘lizzie’ Lace Dress

Red is passion. Red is fire. Red is sexy… and most of all, red is the ultimate Christmas colour. Stand out in a sea of little black dresses with this bold lace dress.


French Connection Lust Sequin Fitted Dress

Red may be bold, but there’s a reason why black dresses have been the go-to staple for women since the beginning time. They say mischief always wins the war, and this sparkling black cocktail dress is sure to lure Mr.Right to the dark side… aka the shadow underneath the mistletoe.


French Connection Dress – Luxury Lace Strapless

When you’re stuck in the grey area between naughty and nice, sometimes you’ll find the best of both worlds. This red and black patterned strapless dress is the ultimate way to show off that banging body and score some digits before you go all out on the sexiest part of Christmas of all… pecan pie. Happy holidays!


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