Lexus of London: What fits your lifestyle?


So CFS has definitely poked fun at the Western stereotype in the past (see UWO Anthems), but now it’s time to address the Western student population for real (kinda). Everyone has their own
lifestyle, and therefore their own Lexus just for them. Which Lexus fits your student lifestyle?
1. The CFS Model (and those who are still practicing!)

LEXUS IS 350C – Starting at $57,000

Look cool with your roof opened even though you are driving automatic. I swear I saw Ashlee Simpson (remember those awful days of Newly Weds and The Ashlee Simpson Show?) driving the silver version of this on her show in L.A.

Well, if it’s good enough for L.A., it’s good enough for London (Ontario).

2. The Varsity Athlete

LEXUS GX 460 SUV – Starting at $62,200

Store your hockey equipment, running shoes, uniforms, paddle, etc. in the Lexus GX and STILL have space for more! This SUV is even better if you have to travel far to your own games in rural areas such as Kingston (just kidding!).

3. The Homebody

LEXUS RX 350 SUV – Starting at $44,950

So you go home every weekend–so what? Your parents, your long-distance significant other, etc. want you to get home in one piece. The Lexus RX is not only safe, but has enough space for your laundry, your mom’s home-cooked meals and your annoying high school friends that want a ride home too.

4. The Daredevil

LEXUS IS-F SEDAN– Starting at $69,950

Okay, so I lied. I wouldn’t call myself a daredevil, but I totally want this car. Who wouldn’t want to be driving around campus with a V8 engine and an 8-speed kinda-automatic-kinda-manual transmission? It’s the best of both worlds.

5. The Ivey Kid

Lexus LS 600H SEDAN – Starting at $121,750

So you landed your dream job for summer recruitment. Now that the big bucks are rolling in, why not treat yourself to a luxury vehicle? The Lexus LS features 19 speakers, wireless phone connectivity and heated front seats. What better way to make a good impression? As business says, the first impression is always the most important.

Now that you’ve found your dream car, head on down to Lexus of London located at 1065 Wharncilffe Road for the best deals in town.


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