Hairstyles for Spring.

Jump into spring with some new dos! As the sun is shinning we can finally put our hats and earmuffs away! Without the fear of the cold or the snow ruining your perfectly straight hair its time to do something different!


Chop it off. We no longer need our long, thick hair to keep our ears warm so why not do something different. Short hair is not only cute heading into the warmer months but also requires less maintenance.


New colour for a new season. Spring is a great time to go from your dark brown or black to something fun like blonde or lighter tones of your natural hair colour. If your feeling even crazier, try out the obmbre craze as seen above.


Accessorize it. Its time to show off those beautiful locks, so try a new braiding technique, or add a cute bow from American Apparel.

If your in need of some TLC for your hair durng the school months, be sure to visit Studio H London at 151 Albert Street. Studio H London will generously be donating their time and skills backstage at our show this Saturday March 16 at Centennial Hall (550 Wellington St).

Be sure to check out them on on Facebook, and Twitter.

Credit to their original sources (Google Images)

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