Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tips!

Coming up with new Halloween ideas every year is not easy. But luckily you can do a lot with a little bit of makeup. Here are some makeup tips and tricks that scream Halloween, and make your costume pop.

1. Ombre Lips:

Ombre has been a huge fashion trend this year, and is also great for Halloween lips. It adds volume to your lips, as well as looking dark and spooky.

Here’s how to do it:

We recommend MAC’s classic lipstick, MAC Red

–  After you’ve applied your lip stick, add dark blue, purple, or black eyeshadow to the outer corners

–  Blend it gradually with a brush or your fingers to create an ombre effect

2. Dramatic Cat Eye:

Are you being a cat this year? Or wearing false lashes? Or anything a little sexy? You’re going to want to complete the look with a dramatic cat eye.

Here’s how to master it:

–  Place a business card, or any stiff paper, diagonally alone the outer edge of your eye.

–  Once you have decided the right angle for your face, use liquid or pencil eyeliner and follow the line of the business card for a smudge-free, perfect cat eye.

3. Halloween Eyes:

If you have no idea what to be, but want to participate in the festivities, halloween eyes could help you out. Get a little playful with your eye shadow and eyeliner to create something unique!

4. Face Sculpting:

Don’t be scared to play up your bone structure, especially on Halloween. A face sculpting powder that is a darker shade than your natural skin tone will give you those hollowed out check bones you want this Halloween.

We recommend: MAC’s Sculpting Powder Pro Palette 

5. What you can do to make it last:

–  Make-up setting spray will keep your hard work looking perfect all night.

–  Avoid SPF face lotion or foundation for the night. Their reflective particles will make you as pale as a ghost in photos taken with flash!

–  Oil blotting strips like Sephora’s Blotting Papers are easy ways to get the shine off your face as you dance through the night, and wont remove your makeup.



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