Meet the designer: Mark Aguilar

Mark Aguilar

Mark Aguilar may be young, but this designer is not afraid to take risks. For this year’s show, Mark wants to make a bold statement with this formal wear collection. “I don’t like it when designers are so commercial,” he says, “I want to be unique; use new techniques and new silhouettes.”

And that’s exactly what Mark’s collection is. Created in only one week, he believes the best inspiration comes to him in the heat of the moment. This shows in his breathtaking designs that are both delicate and bold. His textures are light and airy, but the silhouettes are boldly experimental.

“But it’s not easy,” he says, “this project could break designers, but you have to turn self doubt into success. Remember yourself and your vision.” And his vision was inspired by his image of an Arcadia; a Grecian sand landscape. From this idea, he has created stunning goddess-like gowns in tan and green colours, “because if you were a woman and you were stranded in the desert, you better be wearing something really beautiful”, he jokes. 

But apart from just creating beautiful gowns, Mark’s tries to incorporate a “spirit of independence”; each piece is uniquely different from the others. He often times creates custom gown for clients, creating pieces that are distinct to the individual’s style. 

His goal this year? “To one-up myself from my collection with the show last year.” Well Mark, you may have just done it. 


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