Lexus of London: Luxurious Cruising at its Finest

The world-renowned prestigious luxury vehicle brand has delighted the CAISA Fashion Show team and Children’s Health Foundation with the 4th year of their proud premium diamond sponsorship.

Lexus is a branch of luxury vehicles found under Toyota. The vision and purpose of Lexus was to redefine the meaning of luxury by incorporating elegance, beautiful craftsmanship, amazing technology and class. A collection of desired perfection for drivers who seek a car that does more than just operate.


Lexus of London has recently launched the redesigned Lexus IS (Innovative Sedan) into its prestigious collection, displaying a re-imagined and improved line of high-quality vehicles that offer sleek and sophisticated designs and first-class quality drives.


The Lexus IS graces the audience with four brand new models available in various sophisticated colours suitable for your lifestyle and image. The focus of the newly re-vamped Lexus IS was to provide drivers with the complete driving enjoyment. A feeling you can experience the moment you grip the handle bar of the car. The all new Lexus IS models deliver drivers with innovations immediately noticeable and enjoyable, as Lexus aims to provide beyond satisfactory guest experiences.


Proud to deliver superior speed, inspiring design and innovation, Lexus remains unrivaled, second to none, with both their new and pre-owned opulent vehicles. A brand of true class and prestige, Lexus of London showcases customer service and experience unparalleled much like their line of vehicles.


Lexus of London is attentive to each detail and unique needs of every individual destined to comfortably enjoy the Lexus drive. Their professional and sophisticated guest service is incomparable to any other brand in London. Eager to provide individuals with nothing but the best, Lexus of London is available to book for an appointment at 1-888-691-8453.



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