Meet the designer: Kimberley Le Sueur

Reading Week. Two words so powerful that when put together, they evoke intense feelings of happiness among the caffeine loaded, and sleep deprived students of Western. With “Reading Week” (let’s be honest no reading is ever done) around the corner, many have chosen to flock south for a spring break filled with sun, sand and surf.

LeSueur being interviewed by two of our lovely PR managers, Jen and Rochelle.

So if you are one of the lucky few that get to hit the beach why not do it in style with the bold and beautiful swimwear from our very own sponsor, LeSueur Swimwear. Designer Kimberley Le Sueur, originally from Zambia, graduated from Laurier with a degree in Psychology but always had a passion for fashion. So naturally she used her talents to create LeSueur Swimwear, a line of bold beachwear for the confident woman. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberley to take a peak behind the runway to see where the magic happens.

1. What is your design inspiration?

I’m drawn to colours that heal; colours that are peaceful yet bold and colours that soothe. Living in Columbia, I saw that the women there are very confident regardless of their size and they had beautiful bold, bathing suits. I want women to feel confident in my suits and step outside the world of boring bathing suits.

2. How are you incorporating this year’s theme (Arcadia) into your collection?

I chose to use this playful and powerful blue because it reminded me of a little girl yet also a strong, playful woman. The colour is very feminine and strong and reminds me of Alice. My suits for the girls are evening gowns for the beach and for the boys; their suits are flashy and strong.

3. What is your Personal Style?

It changes from day to day and is all over the place. I like to wear the clothes and not have the clothes wear me so I go by how I feel when I decide to get dressed.

4. Who are your muses?

I love Candice Swanepoel because she is beautiful and exudes confident. The LeSueur Swimwear woman is like Candice.

5. How would you style swimwear to break from the norm?

Wraps, they are multifunctional. I think you should style your beachwear with whatever makes you feel most confident. Be you and rock it!

6. What are you most looking forward to at CAISA Fashion Show 2014?

I am most looking forward to seeing all the work I put into the collection come together and to experience the dynamic show in real life.

If you would like to peruse LeSueur Swimwear for your next beach ensemble feel free to check out their Facebook page at You can also shop the collections at You can also see all the pieces come to life at the show on March 15th, 2014 at Centennial Hall. Have a Beachin’ Reading Week Western.


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