Meet the Makeup Artist: Roderic Chan


Where do you draw your inspiration?
A lot of places, really. Artists I follow like Kabuki, Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Amanda Blair Roberson… The list goes on. Sometimes it’s simply the model’s face, or the collection of clothes that may bring images or concepts that come to mind. Sometimes it’s things I see, like architecture, or textures- things like rusted bronze with gold gilding. Or even just looking at some of the palettes and products I have. Beauty icons are also always great places to look for some inspiration. Twiggy and Jerry Hall are definitely applicable sources of inspiration for this year’s show.

How did you get started with the makeup industry?
I’ve always been artistically inclined and makeup was just another extension of that. Being exposed to fashion through things like America’s next top model or magazines furthered the relation between art and fashion. I started playing around with makeup in grade 6, and taught myself since, practicing and practicing until I started working professionally 2 years ago.

How are you incorporating this year’s theme into your work?
This year’s theme really allowed me to try different things and pushed me to think more innovatively, playing with textures and colours. I was very inspired by the original stories and films associated with the story and tried to build in aspects of the colour palettes, or historical cultures built into the story.


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