Dress 911: A Dress For Every Occasion

London, Ontario – CAISA Fashion Show 2014: Arcadia is excited to announce its first year of collaboration with Dress 911. The proud independent Canadian store founded in the beautiful city of London delivers shoppers with an infinite selection of unique, cute and fun fashion pieces necessary for every closet. Dress911 is the ultimate one-stop shop where shoppers can find styles ranging from casual, party, bohemian, Hollywood-inspired, vintage and retro through both offline and online shopping.


Shoppers can stop by the Dress911 warehouse where in-store purchases can be made after enjoying the option to try on all the clothes selected. Shoppers across Canada, from coast to coast can enjoy owning a unique and beautiful dress from Dress911 through their simple and sophisticated online shopping store with a few mouse-clicks.

Shoppers will find the perfect statement dress that meets each individual’s standards of style, quality and value. The small and yet excelling team of designers ensures each dress to be delicately designed and handled with care and passion for shoppers.

Visit London’s very own Dress911 at 1-30 Pacific Court to get the trendiest and most fashionable dresses, and quality shopping experience.

Be sure to follow Dress911 for more updates:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dress911
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Dress911
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Dress911 


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