Streetstyle Saturdays: Any, Christian, Akiel

Good morning readers! How is your sweet saturday been so far? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the Streetstyle Saturday post? We know we have! We have three very different styles today, from preppy, grungy to girly with a touch of vintage love! Without further adieu, here are the streetstyle models for this week: Any, Christian and Akiel.


Cardigan: Thrifted  | Black Bustier: Aritzia  | Jeans: American Eagle  | Flats: Springs Shoes  | Lipstick: Revlon Red


Peacoat: Zara  | Sweater: Zanerobe  | Shirt: Gap  | Pants: Zanerobe  | Boots: Aldo


Construction Jacket: Grandfather’s hand-me-down  | Shirt: Urban Outfitters  | Pants: JOE Fresh  | Sweater: Top Shop  | Shoes: H&M  | Headphones: Skull Candy

It’s amazing how these three pull off very different and yet amazing styles! Each style offering a authentic flavour of its own, how would you describe your style? We look forward to seeing what type of style our next week’s streetstyle model will be rocking. Stay tuned, and see you next week!


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