CAISA Costumes: Your Guide to Halloween

As the leaves begin to transition into their brilliant colours, and the air feels crisp we know that autumn has arrived. With the change of seasons and midterms in full swing, the one thing we have to look forward to is the holy grail of holidays: Halloween.

As Western students we take pride in this celebration and go all out. This year has been pretty stellar with pop culture inspiration to make this Halloween so…so sweet. But aren’t we all tired of the typical Halloween costumes that plague Richmond Row (here’s looking at you “cat”)?

Don’t have a lot of time? Don’t worry, we here at CAISA Fashion Show have you covered. Here is our guide to a Hallow-winning outfit!

For the Ladies:

Frozen Friends: Elsa and Olaf

You can find all things Elsa and Olaf at Arendelle Apparel (or as its known here, American Apparel) located Right in the heart of Richmond Row.

Elsa: a blue dress, and a lot of white (simple enough). A great makeup tutorial can be found here to complete the look.


Olaf: a white body suit and some snowman accessories. You can make this hat with a permanent marker and a trucker hat. (Permanent markers are the holy grail of the last minute, DIY costume)


You’re Like, Really Pretty: Mean Girls

Don’t want to spend a ton of money on a costume you will wear once? No worries. Grab your friends and toss on your own skirts and sweaters to create a “mean girls” group costume that is totally fetch! (Bonus points if you all sing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree)

R Mean Girls

For the Guys:

Heisenberg (from Breaking Bad)

Literally a hat and some glasses. You can make yourself a goatee using some eyeliner (movember is just around the corner so no better time to start growing in that beard right?)


Toy Soldier

Grab your bros and sport some all green attire paired with some green face paint. You can take it to the next level by looking at this guide and painting some cardboard green for you to stand on.


You can see a ton of awesome costumes at American Apparel’s website. Happy Haunting!


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