Ahead of the Curve – Hot Fashion for the Cold

Now that we’re in the midst of fall (or whatever Mother Nature likes to call what’s happening outside), your wardrobe may be crying for a seasonal revamp.

Here in London, fall brings erratic weather, midterm season (or in my case midterm week – for profs who claim to have zero interaction with each other, they all magically seem to have their midterms fall on the same week), Dawn of the Uggs, and the inevitable decline of motivation in students to go to the gym, do schoolwork, or just deal with life in general. With all of this going on it may seem nearly impossible to muster up enough energy to create an outfit, but these fall essentials will revitalize your closet and state of mind.

Fur Vest and BlouseA fur vest over a simple blouse or shirt adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit and makes it look like you put way more effort than you did.

Leather PeasantLeather accents add a much needed edge to your fall wardrobe and a flowing peasant top looks great with everything.

Trousers and Long cardiganTrousers are a great alternative to jeans and leggings. They’re perfect for days when you’d rather wear sweatpants and stay in bed, but you have to go outside and look presentable. Throw a cozy cardigan on top and you’ll look chic but feel like you’re in bed.

Graphic Tee and Boyfriend JeansA graphic sweater and boyfriend jeans are the colder months’ equivalent to shorts and a t-shirt. The graphic sweatshirt provides a much needed twist on the traditional sweater.

Sweater PleatherMixing textures is the best part about fall. Revamp your regular sweater routine by pairing your coziest sweater with pleather.

Gypsy stylesThe summer months were the perfect time to channel your inner gypsy. Channel that spirit in the new season with oversized shirts, flare pants and a scarf thrown on top.

Printed JoggersA simple blouse and printed joggers are a perfect go-to outfit for those casual days.

Cape FashionThink like Lupito Nyong’o and Emma Watson and have your own red carpet moment with a cape.
Photos Courtesy of: H&M, Forever 21, Zara, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.



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