Study in Style – A guide on how to rock Club Weldon

Study style doesn’t have to be synonymous with sloppy. We’re hoping to empower to you get excited about studying for finals by the only way we know how – through fashion. Just like you want to get the most out of a good outfit by parading it around campus longer, we’re hoping our study styles will make you want to spend an extra (productive) hour at the library.

We know everyone has different study habits, and as a result different things are going to work for different people. Hopefully our list is as diverse as all the study methods out there. Here are our must-haves for any library trip:

American Apparel Beanie

AA BeaniesWhat better way to keep your brain warm during long study sessions than with a hat? Heat escapes from your head, so a hat is the perfect solution when Weldon turns off its heating –and it’s more practical than a puffy winter jacket. But wait…there’s more! AA Beanies also come in a variety of colours, so they can match with any outfit. Most importantly they are a great fashionable way to cover up any bad hair days bound to happen amidst the stress of finals.


Shore Projects Watch

Probably the most practical piece of jewelry you can wear to the library. Unlike bangles, a watch is an accepted accessory for the silent floor. It will help you keep track of the time, while adding a little something extra to your outfit.



If you’ve fallen in love with scarves this fall, why limit yourself to only wearing them outdoors? A scarf is perfect for when the library gets cold (that seems to be the trend with this post), but it can also act as an impromptu pillow when you need a power nap.


Layered Outfit
Finally – whether you’re heating up because it’s your fifth cup of tea, or a CAISA model has occupied the desk in front of you, sometimes the library can get hot. Preparing yourself for temperature changes will allow you to stay focused on the task at hand, so opt to wear layers you can take off or put on at anytime.

Here at CFS, we’re don’t only care what’s on the outside – we also care what’s on the inside. We know just how hard students work during finals, so why not treat yourself to some frozen yogurt? Don’t have the time? – We know the struggle, luckily Chil delivers! Whether you’re looking to down a tub yourself, or surprise your roommates, this is one thing you’re guaranteed to get right. Order through their website and delivery is free once you spend $12!

Thank you for procrastinating with this post – good luck with finals!


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