Stocking Stuffer Picks for Your Special Guy

Stockings by the fire

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s never too late to start thinking about what to get your special guy for the holidays!

You might think stocking stuffers pale in comparison to “real gifts” but we feel it could be a fun way to exchange gifts with your special guy by giving each other a stocking filled with small affordable presents. The more the merrier right?

Here are some ideas that we’ve have gathered:

AA BeanieRecycled Fisherman Beanie from American Apparel

Soft, knitted beanie that comes in a selection of colours fit for winter like burgundy and black or milk and grey. Perfect for keeping the head warm, and the conversation flowing as you can tease them about their hat hair.

popcornCheesy movies from the clearance bin (at Target, etc.)

They are super affordable and there are a lot of classic flicks to watch in the warmth of your home. Opt for holiday oldies like Elf or Home Alone, which never disappoint.



Chapsticks are an essential item to keep in your pocket during the winter when lips get dry. Get him your favourite favour or a limited edition holiday flavour like Candy Cane or Pumpkin pie.

chil frozen yogurt

Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar Gift Certificate

It may be cold outside, but froyo dates are always a good idea regardless of the weather. They have special holiday flavours too!


hershey kisses

Hershey’s Kisses

To top the stocking off – throw in a few of Kisses (and hugs!). Plus, limited edition holiday wrappers add to the holiday spirit!


aa socksFlat Knit Socks from American Apparel

Never underestimate the effect of giving a good pair of socks – aren’t they always “magically” disappearing anyway? These socks from American Apparel in particular come in a few patterns and colours plus they’re warm and cozy!



cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity

A fun satirical card game for adults. A perfect game to get everyone together this holiday season and laugh the night away.

Good luck on exams everyone, and enjoy holiday shopping!


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