Gift Ideas for the Lady in Your Life

The holidays are fast approaching and the ladies on CAISA exec have you covered! Ditch the last minute dash to your local mall and instead get your gift purchases over with early. So here it is, some gift suggestions your girl might love:

movie ticketsTickets for two

Not only will this gift let you check off your next date night, but it will also make you look thoughtful and caring. It will show your girl you love spending time with her. So pick tickets to a band you know she likes, a show playing in town (London has a great art scene), or stick with simple movie theatre tickets for a holiday classic.

Jewelry Let it be accessories necklace

Cliché? Maybe. But there’s a reason for it. Look at your girl and see what type of jewelry she normally wears – whether she favours bracelets, earring, etc. Aim to get her something of the same type, this is usually a safer bet than purchasing a super stylish statement necklace when she doesn’t even wear necklaces. If you’re looking for jewelry that makes you look AND feel good, Let It Be Accessories donates 20% of the sale to our charity, Children’s Health Foundation, if you use the promo code CFS20.

LV blanket scarfA big warm scarf

I know what you’re thinking, why would she want a boring clothing item? A scarf is much more than that – receiving a big warm scarf is the new teddy bear. It has become a fashion staple for the colder weather. Also – the bigger the scarf, the higher chance you can wrap it around both of you. What a heart-warming thought, literally.

Hot chocolate mixhotchocolate

Simple you say? Ah, but no my friend, it’s all about how you frame it. It is the most underestimated, yet thoughtful gift. Go to the nearest chocolate shop, buy a nice looking hot chocolate mix, and wrap it up with a card telling her you want to make it for her on a cold winter night while watching her favourite Netflix TV series and voila!

blue candleCandles

The key is to smell them. Take advantage of all the limited edition candles in a variety of seasonal smells. They’re perfect for her to use to relax, or just to fill the holiday air with happiness.


Swimwear for those winter deniersseychelles swimwear

There is no better gift than summer, and since you actually can’t change the weather and plane tickets might be a bit out of your budget – opt for the illusion of summer instead. Seychelles Swimwear right here in London has a bunch of fun swimsuits and summer accessories that won’t disappoint, check them out and keep them in mind for the warmer months.

Fun tip

If money is a little tight this gift-giving season, don’t worry we have you covered. Your biggest asset when choosing a gift is your memory. Dig deep and remember a moment you shared and buy a small item that reminds you both of that time you spent together. Buying a chocolate bar from the UCC doesn’t seem like much, but when you tell her how you remembered when she said it was her favourite chocolate that one time at band camp, it becomes so much more. The gift is in the eye of the beholder. There’s a reason the saying “it’s the thought that counts” has endured for so long. If you’re still out of ideas, we also made a list of stocking gift suggestions that might help.


From all of us at CAISA Fashion Show,

Happy Holidays!


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