Meet our Master Makeup Artist Minh!


Whether you’re a novice with an eyelash curler or the president of the Michelle Phan fan club, we can all agree that makeup is an art! Here at CAISA Fashion show we are lucky to have the talented Minh! As a nursing student, Minh parlayed her hobby into a stellar business of makeup artistry. We were lucky enough to interview her at one of our recent photoshoots and we learned a thing or two about the tricks of the trade.

Q: What are some makeup trends for Spring?

A: Pastels for sure but you can do pastels all year long!

Q: Who is your celebrity makeup style icon?

A: I would have to say Kim Kardashian for her contouring. You can definitely achieve a similar look by highlighting your face with a concealer lighter than your skin tone and contouring your face with a darker shade.

Q: What beauty product can you not live without?

A: Anastasia Brow Pommade because nice brows really frame your face!

You can keep up with Minh on her Facebook page or on her Instagram.

10354182_1490501917859934_3263122466822517933_n 10556338_1503045913272201_7342599578242141068_n


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