Does Your Rent Include Quality Landlords?

Today on the blog we have some fantastic guest bloggers from Bluevale Capital. They have graciously sponsored VIVIFY 2015 which will be happening this Saturday at Centennial Hall!

Having good landlords can dramatically change your off-campus living experience. Period. We can’t stress this enough. When your landlords are experienced, attentive, and available, you and your friends will feel the difference… not only on a daily basis, but especially when there is an issue with the property itself.

There is nothing worse having to deal with bad landlords, especially on top of all the other academic and extra-curricular stress you have to go through. When we say bad, we really mean landlords who are not fit to be landlords. I’m sure you all have had an experience like this – and it sucks. Having said that, we composed a brief list of some things that really defines what a “good” landlord is all about:

  1. Your landlords must be tech savvy. Communication is key. If you have an issue, being able to immediately contact your landlord at any time of the day is essential to receiving quick and efficient service. At Bluevale Capital, you don’t need to have to fill out a form to have something looked at. Just simply text, call, email or even FB us – we’re on it.
  2. Your landlords must show empathy. As tenants, you are also a client of the landlord. And as such, you need to be treated with care and concern. Your landlords must be willing to take certain action on issues, even if it “wasn’t” included in the signed contract. They must be willing to think ahead and go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your stay. The Bluevale Capital management team has an average age of 25. We know what it’s like to be a student and we can confidently state that we know how to ensure your comfort.
  3. Your landlords must be lenient. Landlords should never stick to what is solely in the signed contract. They should be working with you on ensuring you are content and happy with your accommodations. It’s not uncommon for Bluevale Capital to throw in a flat screen TV just because it makes you and your group happy. Just don’t break it.

Bluevale Capital (Bluevale) is a new student rental group that purchases and rents out premium student rentals to Western students. Bluevale is owned and operated Western Alumni graduates. Through extensive experience in real-estate, financial services, and business development across North America, the Bluevale team has dealt with a number of landlords (and the personalities that come with it). Through this experience, we strongly believe that when looking for a place to rent, the quality of the landlord is equality as important as the quality of the property itself.

Please visit to find out more about Bluevale Capital and the team.

We are also looking to fill two properties with groups of 5 via an 8 month lease starting in September 2015! Please email to inquire about potential showings!

~ The Bluevale Capital Team


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