S.B.L By Stephanie Yiu at VIVIFY 2015!

S.B.L {Struck by Love}

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, fashion and accessories designer Stephanie Yiu started her journey in the world of fashion at a young age. Always inspired by the world around her, Stephanie is known for her intricate details, play with textures and creativity of design. Currently studying fashion design at Ryerson University, Stephanie continues to chase her dreams and hopes to launch her own label, S.B.L by Stephanie in the future.

See her designs on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SBLove.by.stephanieyiu

Why did you choose to join CAISA Fashion Show?

“I’m always super excited to participate in any fashion event. I heard about CAISA Fashion Show through my friends at Western when they would always tell me to apply to CAISA Fashion Show as a designer so I finally decided to do it this year.

For the past few years, I have always participated in fashion shows produced in Downtown, Toronto so joining CAISA Fashion Show is very exciting for me! I also love that CAISA Fashion Show helps a good cause donating money to the Children’s Health Foundation. I get to do something I love while helping children in need…which is amazing!

I also love how CAISA brings together talented individuals in different fields to produce a spectacular show. I find CAISA Fashion Show very unique as it incorporates dancing and traditional runway together. I am super excited!!!”

How did you get started designing?

“I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. As a little girl, I used to draw dress designs hoping one day, I can turn them into real wearable dresses. That was my childhood dream back then. Fast-forward 10 years, I am now living my dream as a fashion designer studying at Ryerson University. Although it took a lot of work for me to get to where I am now, it was all worth it because I love what I do. I hope to officially launch my own label – S.B.L by Stephanie Yiu in the future.”

How are your pieces inspired by the theme?

“I was extremely happy when CAISA declared the theme they wanted for my part of the fashion show. The theme matched my style perfectly. I had so many ideas right away and started to sketch my designs immediately! The whole process was so much fun!!! I went to find the fabric I was going to use, drafted the dress, sewed it and added the final decorative details. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!! I can’t tell you the theme right now but you’ll see on the day of the show… it’s pretty amazing and I’m super excited!!!”


You can see Stephanie’s work hit the runway at Centennial Hall this Saturday at VIVIFY 2015! Tickets are on sale now! Contact CAISA Fashion Show to purchase yours.


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