10 Gifts for 10 Guys

With the holiday season quickly approaching, CFS has created a quick gift shopping guide for the different types of men out there.


The Gym Rat

If you constantly hear the guy you’re buying for talking about his macros and can frequently see him carrying around a milk jug filled with water, buy him a Reigning Champ sweater this holiday. These made-in-Vancouver sweaters are comfortable, have the durability to withstand movement from exercise, and will cover up your bae’s bulk season tummy before he moves onto his cut. [$148, Available at shop.reigningchamp.com]


The Sports Nut 

Of course, guys who are into exercise aren’t necessarily into pumping iron exclusively. If your guy is more likely to be carrying squash balls or football cleats rather than protein powder and chalk, consider getting him a duffel bag made of something durable, like nylon or canvas, that can survive an active lifestyle. [$124.99, Available at shop.herschelsupply.ca]


The Soulful Artist 

If your boo is more introspective and artful than the average guy, consider getting a Moleskine notebook for him to jot down his thoughts or to draw out some sketches in. Why Moleskine specifically? How else will everyone at the local artisan coffee shop know your boyfriend’s a real artist? [$24.00, Available at chapters.indigo.ca]


The “UO” Hipster

Not all art-types are the same, and that’s okay! If your boyfriend is the guy at the local artisan coffee shop who wears flannels year round and wishes that every street was Queen Street West, consider getting him an ironic novelty item! A “hilarious” flask with an ironic message will please him endlessly. [$38.00, Available on amazon.ca]


The Audiophile

Some guys are really into their music and demand only the best sound quality. If iPod earbuds make your boyfriend physically cringe and you’re tired of seeing him walking around with a clunky headset strapped to his skull, consider getting him a sleek pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones. They’ve got the sound quality your bae will love with an elegant industrial design that is CFS approved. [$299.99, Available on apple.com]


The Nerd

If your guy is into nerd culture, getting him a Star Wars BB-8 droid is a great idea. Assuming Fallout 4 hasn’t stolen him away from you yet, the BB-8 remote control droid is a great way to show you’re in the know about geeky stuff. [$149.00, Available on store.sphero.com]


The Guy With Prettier Eyelashes Than You

You can’t go wrong with Khiels for the well-groomed man in your life. Khiels’ Midnight Recover Eye Cream will keep your man looking fresh even when he’s still recovering from an all-nighter study sesh. [$41.00, Available on kiehls.ca]


The Guy Who Hasn’t Heard of Conditioner

Not all men are comfortable with the idea of skin care products. If the idea of using eye cream would fill your man with anxiety, consider getting him a Charcoal Facewash from Clinique for Men. [$24.00, Available on thebay.com]


The #Menswear Man

If you frequently find your man engrossed in an issue of GQ or Esquire, consider buying him a Drake’s tie. Drake’s ties may be pricey, but your man will appreciate your discriminating good taste. [$241, Available on mrporter.com]


The Hypebeast 

If your boyfriend is more interested in waiting in line for the next Yeezy Boost drop than sartorial endeavours, consider getting him a John Elliot + Co “Fishtail” crewneck sweater. [$224, Available on johnelliott.co]


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