10 Gifts for 10 Girls

Tis the season to be jolly for gift giving because let’s face it, giving is always better than receiving. However, sometimes we need a little help when our brain decides to fart on us. Here’s a guide of cool gifts to help you out when you can’t think of what to get for that special someone.

  1. The low-key beauty guru

She’s obsessed with everything beauty related. She’s probably already hyped about the release of the Urban Decay Naked 5 before you’ve even heard about the Naked 4 palette (which is actually called the Naked Smokey). A luxurious lipstick in over the top packaging would be the perfect addition to her makeup collection. [Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip colour in Very Prive, $90.00, Available at Sephora.com]


  1. The Yogi and Gym Enthusiast

Her athletic level is comparable to yours except she does it a hundred times cuter. Contribute to her cuteness by blessing her with Lululemon—the key to every girl’s heart. You can’t go wrong with leggings, they’re comfortable and they make it look like you tried when you really didn’t. The mesh cut-outs are a nice edgy touch and now you can take cute couple photos at the gym! [Lululemon Just Breathe Pant, $98.00, available at Lululemon.com]


  1. The Tea Aficionado

She doesn’t believe in the brew, steeped is the way to go. Jazz up her daily tea routine with this tea set from David’s Tea. With 8 different teas, it’s an infinite opportunity to love you forever! [David’s Tea Chest, $50.00, available at Davidstea.com]


  1. The girl with the themed Instagram

She’s a social media junkie and a whiz with technology. Her phone is practically her life line and she requires everything to look aesthetic. A white geometric shaped notification light would be the perfect decoration to her humble abode. It lights up to alert you of all phone notifications and changes colour to your music. [The Notti Smartphone Notification Light, $69.00, available at Urbanoutfitters.com]


  1. The bookworm

She’s always reading and when she’s not, she’s waiting for the moment until she can. She would rather read than watch Netflix, the love is real. Humans of New York is the perfect book for anyone, it’s a light and feel good nonfiction read that should uplift her spirits. [Human’s of New York Stories, $20.70, available at Chapters.indigo.ca]


  1. The jewelry hoarder

Jewelry is a necessity to her, she cannot even fathom the idea of walking out the door without an accessory. This statement necklace is simple yet show’s off her edge and can go with practically anything. [Necklace E09, $24.00, available at Oakandfort.ca]


  1. The sneakerhead

Her shoe game is always on point and her kicks are fire. She’s the hypebeast of Instagram and her Sound Cloud consists of Yeezy and Drake. You can’t go wrong with a clean and simple design that can be paired perfectly with her bold style. [Nike “Air Max Thea”, $126.01, available at Nordstrom.com]


  1. The workaholic

She’s so busy, she runs on her own schedule. She needs organization and she’s also all about that minimalistic marble look. Have no fear, this year less planner can adjust to her schedule while still looking as if it came straight from Pinterest with the black marble and gold lining. [Black Carrara Year-Less Planner, $34.00, Available at Chapters.indigo.ca]


  1. The skin care fanatic

To her, skin care is more important than makeup. She’s all about having skin as smooth as a baby’s derrière. She cringes when Regina George puts foot cream on her face. She would likely believe an apocalypse were happening if her skin broke out. The Clarisonic is the tool to keep her sane. [Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing Device, $180.00, available at Clarisonic.ca]


  1. The pumpkin spiced latte

She lives off of Starbucks and is more of trend follower than a trend setter—enough said. As a gag gift, mix it up and spice up her accessories with this audacious phone case. [Basic Repellent 3D Iphone 6/6s Case, $51.00, available at Valfre.com]



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