Holiday Party Dress Guide

Holiday party season is upon us and knowing what to wear can be as difficult as making it to class in waist deep snow. We’ve made it easy and broke down what to wear, when and where to find them.

The Office Party

Keep it classic and simple for the office, it is a party so you can “let your hair down” but your boss is still in the corner. This is not the time to scream Fetty Wap’s lyrics (unless the boss is doing so then by all means) or test out your new club attire.

Anthropologie has a great range of office party appropriate attire that is still fashionable and festive.

Evangeline Sheath – $178

The Ugly Sweater Party

While you might not want to wear a dress to an ugly Christmas sweater party, we felt the need to include these Drake Holiday Sweaters.

Hotline Sleigh Bell Ring Ugly Christmas Sweater – $49.99

The Family Gathering

Depending on how casual or formal your family is for Christmas will dictate how you dress. You’ll always be safe wearing a sweater dress or a skater skirt with the fam, it’s always a good idea to dress more conservatively because, well, Grandma’s watching. Aritzia has a good variety of casual dresses at a variety of price points.

Wilfred Peele Dress – $125


It’s time to grab after work drinks with your friends/co-workers, or spend a night out on the town. Break out the sequins, glitz and glam and dress to impress. Urban Outfitters has an entire section dedicated to holiday dresses (easy online browsing).

Raga Sequin Swing Dress - $309
Raga Sequin Swing Dress – $309

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