Finding the Perfect Suit with Knight and Grey

What do job interviews, networking events, weddings, dates, and ceremonies all have in common? You need a suit. A suit that not only uses premium fabrics and has the most precise cuts, but also fits perfectly on your body. Finding all three factors can be difficult but Knight and Grey is here to deliver just that and nothing less. Knight and Grey is an suit tailoring service founded by a trial litigator and businessman who have years of experience with personal styling. In just three easy steps, Knight and Grey can have you looking dignified for any special occasion.

The three steps to obtain your perfect suit:

  1. Book a consultation anytime and anywhere
  2. Develop your style with hundreds of Italian fabrics and your own personal executive stylist
  3. Get it delivered to your door in just 4-6 weeks

Interested in learning more about Knight and Grey? Please email any general inquires to: or visit

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.06.01 PM


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