Top 10 low-top Sneakers of 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, CFS has decided to review some of our favourite sneakers from this year. From mass market to high street, here’s our list of the top 10 low-top sneakers of 2015.



Nike Roshe One

From the gym to the streets, this is a shoe we’ve seen everywhere this year. More minimalist than a lot of mainstream running shoes, its versatility raises it to a level above many of its peers. Nike’s customizing options and massive variety of styles also ensures that these shoes can be made more personal and unique to your individual style. [$98, Available at]



Adidas YEEZY 350 Boost

Yes, we know these shoes are sold out everywhere and are only available on ebay and Grailed at prices exponentially higher than they were originally sold for. And yes, although it isn’t much of a knock against them, we know that they’re influenced by the Roshe’s design. This said, whether you love him or hate him, Kanye’s sneakers are beloved by many and have further popularized the mesh “sneaker sock” style. [$265, Available nowhere]

Nike Classic AC SP White


To coincide with the US Open, Nike released premium leather replicas of their vintage tennis shoe design. While the Air Force 1 is a more popular all-white Nike sneaker, we think these sneakers are more unique and ultimately more fashionable. In a year where all-white sneakers were everywhere, this is a pair we wished we had seen more. [$190, Available at]

Stan Smiths


These shoes are absolutely everywhere, to the point that ‘basic anxiety’ has caused people to stop wearing them. Don’t let snobs discourage you from wearing a definitively classic design that, like any stylish sneaker, can be dressed up and down. If you really feel the need to be different (and have deep pockets), check out the various designer versions of the famous shoes (we’re partial to Raf Simons and Common Projects). [Original $110, Available at; Raf Simons version $747.98, Available on]

New Balance 420s


While New Balance’s vintage 1980s-1990s designs get the most love, we love the 1970’s 420 model. These shoes have a low profile and a tasteful minimalist style that ground them in their late 1970s roots. These playful shoes are the perfect beater sneakers. [$99, Available on]


Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers

Like the Yeezy boosts, these are shoes that people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. We tend to agree with the former. To honour timeless design, Margiela created these shoes as a replica of vintage German military sneakers. Year after year, the fashion house creates redesigns of this classic shoe out of various colours, patterns, and materials. However, we’ll always like the original the best. If these designer sneakers are out of your price range, consider searching ebay or other auction sites to find the vintage original shoes at a much lower price. [$495, Available on]


Tom Ford Leather and Suede-Panelled Canvas Sneakers

These gorgeous sneakers from Tom Ford are made to be dressed up. Unlike most sneakers, these wouldn’t look out of place paired with a suit. Clearly influenced by the retro design of Margiela’s replica sneakers, these sneakers exude luxury. While their price may be restrictively high, we still love these beautiful sneakers. [$1 310.89, Available at]


Common Projects Achilles

No other pair of sneakers has been worn by celebrities this year as much as Common Projects’ all-white Achilles sneakers. The ultimate minimalist sneakers, these sneakers go with everything. While many lower-priced alternatives exist to this style, the Achilles’ meticulously-designed profile and sublime construction keep it at the top of the all-white sneaker game. [$495, Available at]


Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Products 12

Hender Scheme’s “Homage” line is definitively cool. Designer Ryo Kashiwazaki has taken countless classic footwear silhouettes, from Vans slip-ons to vintage Jordans, and re-created them with top quality, natural, un-dyed leather. We’re partial to their take on the Nike Presto. [$1 330, Available at]


Dsquared2 Patent Leather Slip-ons

These patent leather slip-ons from Canadian designers Dan and Dean Caten are the perfect statement piece for black and white outfits. While these sneakers aren’t exactly easy to pull off, they look fantastic when paired with a black bomber and a white button-down. [$780, Available at]


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