A Stylish and Comfy Outfit for your Holiday Feast

It’s that time of year again, finals are over and the holidays are finally upon us! We call it Thanksgiving part two only with more pomp and circumstance. It’s double the festivity along with double the food. Homemade baked goodies…yes please! However, with more food comes a waistline that just keeps expanding. Here’s our take on a look that’s fashion forward and comfortable to wear even after your monster holiday dinner.


Go with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans or black leggings. Pair it with a lighter sweater involving hues of white to create a pleasant contrast. To add an ounce of festivity be sure to include a pop of jewelry like a statement necklace. Wear laced up pointed toe flats to stay comfortable and up to date on this season’s trends.


(Bell sleeve sweatshirt in white, $29.90, available at zara.com)

(Citizens of Humanity Carlie Foxy jeans in DK Denim, $278, available at aritzia.com)

(Powder Crystal Necklace in light shell, $169, available at jcrew.com)

(Flight Tassel Ghillie Tie Flats, $28.96, available at topshop.com)


In contrast to the girls look, go with a pair of light wash jeans. Make sure to pick a pair with some stretch so that it can be the upgraded “feasting pants” a.k.a. your old sweatpants. Wear a dark knit sweater with a white button up underneath. Feel free to leave the white shirt slightly untucked for a more casual effect. Finish the look off with some brown dessert boots to pull off the cool but approachable look.


(Navy Checkerboard Texture Crew Neck Jumper, $41.35, available at topman.com)

(Ted Baker London Trim Fit Herringbone Dress Shirt in white, $94.65, available at shop.nordstrom.com)

(Skinny Jeans in light-blue, $49.90, available at zara.com)

(Red Wing Classic Chukka #3137 in Copper, $289.99, available at getousideshoes.com)




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