Top 8 Winter Trends

Let’s face it: Canada’s winters can make for some lacklustre outfits. Heavy snow, the slush it turns into, and the salt covering all of our sidewalks means that most fashionable footwear is unwearable during this season. And we all know that when the air is frigid and the winds chilly, we’re not above wearing sweatpants on campus to stay cozy. But while we here at CFS won’t judge you for slumming it during the winter, that doesn’t mean we think this season is totally unfashionable. Here’s our list of the top 8 winter trends we’ve noticed this season.

bonnet-pompon-gris-et-vert-paul-smith-accessory-gris-bonnets-264969_1Pom Poms

Is there anything worse then when fashion takes itself too seriously? Pom pom hats are a great way of staying warm and having a little fun with it. This said, you don’t want to get something too loud and extravagant, like fur, for a pom pom. This hat from the master of playfulness, Paul Smith, is one of our favourites.



Fashion doesn’t always fortune the brave. Not everyone can pull off a cape and not look like they’re imitating the Spanish aristocracy. But for the confident, a cape is an elegant and fashion-forward way to keep warm during moderate winter days. Cos and Zara have some nice alternative’s to Theory’s minimalistic take on the cape.


Sneaker Boots

Sneaker boots are a relatively avant-garde winter shoe, and there’s quite a few pairs we think you’d be better off avoiding. That said, we’re privy to this pair from Public School. These shoes are so 🔥🔥🔥 that they can make you look put together in a hoodie and gym sweats. Smarter than a sneaker and hipper than a boot, these shoes can be worn up or worn down throughout the winter. For a more reasonable alternative, check out what Cole Haan has to offer.



Good ol’ turtlenecks. Not just for Steve Jobs and Drake, turtlenecks sweaters almost always make you look more sophisticated and intelligent. We like them oversized and chunky for a more modern silhouette. We wear them to class to you can trick people into thinking we’re smarter than we actually are. We like the patterns on this rag & bone’s sweater, but alternative styles from Topshop and Aritzia are just as nice.



We’re not one to sneer at a nice peacoat or parka, but it’s been refreshing to see the camel topcoat having its moment this season. We’re a fan of this made-in-Toronto topcoat from Outclass, but J. Crew and Banana Republic also carry fashionable alternatives.


Shearling Coats

Shearling is by far our favourite menswear trend of the season. We could go on about how it’s rugged, masculine, or luxurious, but we’ll just skip our love letter and state the obvious: shearling is pretty damn cool. It’s such a shame that it’s a prohibitively expensive and (according to your personal ethics) potentially cruel material. Until then, we’ll settle for faux alternatives from J. Crew and Neighbourhood, praying that some affluent, Tom-Ford-wearing guy on Grailed is feeling extremely generous at some point in the near future.






Cable-knit Socks

Despite the fact that no-show socks are the standard during the warmer months of the year, we’ve seen a lot of people opting for thick, cable-knit socks during the winter. Wear them with tights, wear with jeans, don’t wear pants at all; the choice is yours. Our featured pair is from Top Shop, but you can find them everywhere.


Looser-Fitting Sweatpants

Mark our word: 2016 will be the year that men stop wearing skinny-fit everything and our dwindling affinity for skinny sweatpants is symptom of this trend. We’re not suggesting you do anything radical like *shudders* wear sweats without elastic cuffs at the hem. What we are saying it that it’s time to wear sweatpants that are a little looser around the thighs and calfs. You don’t need to show off your squat gains all the time, bro. H&M sells the style of sweats we like, but if you can manage to find whatever knockoff seller all of those guys at the gym buy their fake Thom Browne sweatpants off of, all the more power to you.


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