CAISA-Grams Day 1: Best Alternative Valentine Dates

Welcome to CAISA-Grams! For the following week, CAISA Fashion Show will be featuring posts related to Valentine’s day and all that comes with it. To start, we’ve complied a list of some of the best alternative Valentine’s date ideas for you and your special someone. While there’s nothing wrong with a candle-lit dinner, we think you should change it up a little this Valentine’s day.

For the #Fit Couple: Rock Climbing

If you and your bae go to the gym together everyday and have more than one workout selfie together on instagram, consider rock climbing. Not only will you be able to work off the Valentine’s chocolates you will inevitably end up receiving from each other, you’ll also feel closer to one another as you literally support each other via ropes and pulleys from falling 30 feet off a wall. A great way to form a special memory with your boo while also looking objectively more fun than all of your friends after you snapchat the experience.

For the Nerds: Laser-Tag


Anything can be romantic when you’re doing with your special someone. If you and your SO just got through playing The Witness together and are looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s, consider laser-tag. You’ll probably be the oldest people there, but that just increases your chances of winning against poorly coordinated and vertically challenged teens. You’ll also probably never forget the time you both went to laser-tag for Valentine’s. That said, if you and your nerdy partner end up getting hitched at some point down the line, just promise us you won’t name your kid “Khaleesi.”

For the Couple that is Painfully Cute: Skating


Skating is almost always a good date idea. If your date can’t skate, you can share an intimate moment in teaching how to skate. If your date can skate, you can look adorable holding hands as you glide along the ice together. There is no losing in either situation. Victoria Park rink is a great spot for this, and gives you quick access to William’s for hot cocoa after you’re both tired of the cold.

For the Aspiring Chefs: Dinner at Home


Restaurants on Valentine’s can be a mess. They’re cramped, loud, and usually have a Prix Fixe menu that can easily put a dent in your wallet. So why not just make dinner at home instead? You don’t have to be Jaime Oliver to please your babe. Break out some candles, buy a decent bottle of wine, and make something simple that shows that you know the person you’re dating. If your boo likes Indian food, make them a curry. If your boo likes shrimp, make them a seafood pasta. You get the idea. A simple dish is better than a $35 entrée when it comes from the heart.


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