CAISA-Grams Day 2: V-Day Nails

Nail polish is the perfect additional accessory to any outfit and it’s an extension of your personality. For this Valentine’s day, CFS has a festive and trendy nail art design that is easy to do and totally Instagram worthy. We used a simple heart design paired with the ombre nail art trend.

Step #1: Start with a clean canvas, you want your nails to be long so it’s easier to achieve the desired shape. If your nails aren’t long enough, feel free to use falsies.

Step #2: Shape your nails into an almond shape. You want to achieve a pointed look for your nails.

Step #3: Paint a stripe along the top portion of your nail leading up to the point. Continue with the other side as well.

Step #4:  Apply a top coat and voila!


If you don’t own the colours of the rainbow, have no fear because you can mix nail polish like paint. We mixed red, pink and white nail polish to achieve the desired ombre colours.


Tag CAISA Fashion Show with your completed nail look! Have fun and happy V-day!


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