CAISA-Grams Day 3:Date Night Dress

El-Nino is taking a little break this week, and we are being hit with the most snow we’ve seen since last April. That’s not stopping us at CFS nor should it stop you s/o (significant other) from treating you to a little something special. From Netflix and Chill to an Anti- Valentines day girls night, we’ve styled it all.

Netflix and Chill: Yup… this now classifies as a date. You have either decided to stay in and keep it simple, or you and the s/o are more “casual”. Keep is comfy with a pair of joggers, our favourites are from Forever21. Pair the look with fluffy socks, a simple tee or sweater and prepare to binge watch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.53.20 PM

Dinner and a Movie: The fail-safe date. Unless the restaurant is Michelin star or very high end, a sweater dress and over- the- knee boots will have you covered. If it’s a freezing night, a pair of sheer black or heart patterned pantyhose will add a thin barrier between you and the elements. Your boots can be heeled or flat and still give the same effect (praise!). Try THESE over the knee boots from Steve Madden, or if you are looking to splurge the Stuart Weitzman Highland/Lowland boots are a fashion industry cult classic.


Romantic Dinner: All stops are coming out. The cold is not a factor, sorry ladies it’s all about looking good. Whatever you style, you can never go wrong with a simple lace dress paired with a sexy pair of pumps and a cashmere coat draped around your shoulders (v. Kim K). Our favourite is the Keepsake Interlude Lace Midi Bodycon Dress from Urban Outfitters.


Surprise!: When your s/o doesn’t specify where you are going, it can be difficult to plan. Especially when you don’t know the activity. We vote to keep it basic. Black jeans, a nice sweater and booties. It’s put together, casual and the black jeans will get you through most social settings. Our go-to denim staple is BDG Black High Waisted Jeans from Urban Outfitters.


Anti- Valentines Day Girls Night: All you single ladies – get together with your girlfriends, Ben & Jerry are bae, chips/fries are a go, screw your diet, and pizza is always a good idea- this valentines day if you are celebrating the single life, it’s about comfort. Sweats, school, provided oversized gym tee, and that XL sweater you stole from your ex-ex-ex boyfriend. That or you could be cute in a pair of Calvin’s and fill you Insta news feed with you and your friends, matching, having a time.




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