CAISA-Grams Day 4: A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Guys and Gals

Valentine’s Day (and the days leading up to it) can be hard for us single guys and gals. You stress about your love-life, then binge on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, then you stress about binging on Ben and Jerry’s when you promised yourself you wouldn’t do this again this year.

Or maybe not. You might be perfectly content with singledom, in which case, this guide is not for you. (But please please please do slide into our DMs with how you coped with your pangs of loneliness. We want to know!)

If you are “single af” this Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips to get you through Valentine’s Day, alone.

1. Remember that it’s OK to be single!
As the old adage goes, “you don’t need no man!” We should recognize that romance cannot not be the only source of our happiness. Love is too fickle. Sure, you cry yourself to sleep sometimes. And you happen to drink to forget your ex every time you go out with your friends. But who doesn’t?

2. Throw a Galentine’s Day.
This Valentine’s Day, celebrate platonic love in place of the romantic variety. Call up your (single) gal pals, open up a bottle of wine (or two, or three) and resent the glorification of monogamy together!

3. Do NOT message your ex.
At around 3AM, you will likely (i.e. most definitely) be tempted to text your former boo “u up ;).” Resist the urge! Order a pizza instead and binge on the critically-acclaimed HBO series “Girls,” starring Lena Dunham who plays a girl who is too millennial for her own good, just like us!

4. Share a think-piece on Valentine’s Day’s commercialization of  love on Facebook.
Prove to your friends you don’t “believe” in the hallmark holiday.

5. Treat Your Self.
Always remember to love yourself! Use the holiday as an excuse to binge on chocolate/ice cream/rosé, order that coat that you KNOW you can’t afford, and stay at home all day in your sweats.

Remember: whatever your relationship status,  you can always celebrate Valentine’s Day!



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