Get Adventurous with Exodus Escape

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You and your friends love a challenge. But what if I told you that challenge involves being locked in a room with your friends and finding a way out in 60 minutes? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But that’s not it. Your job is to discover hidden clues, solve puzzles, and open locks that will eventually lead you to your escape.

Not many can escape the room, but do you think you’re smarter than the rest?

Escape rooms are today’s newest and most exciting games to play. Exodus Escape in London (near Victoria Park) features three completely different rooms to test your skills: Gemini, Den of Deceit, and Abigail’s Nursery. Which one should you be challenged with?

The Gemini game is more free form. You will have 5-6 clues up front with locks to open, but there is no obvious connection regarding which puzzle matches which lock. This game uses observation, creativity and out of the box thinking (recommended for larger groups).

The Den of Deceit is structured in a more linear fashion. You may have 1-2 clues to work on at a time, but won’t be able to proceed until you have solved those puzzles. The main skills for this game are deduction, reasoning and logic.

Exodus Escape’s newest game, Abigail’s Nursery utilizes clues and puzzles that require more interaction and activity to solve them. You’ll need to join pieces of information together from multiple puzzles in order to free Abigail and yourself!

Escape rooms are best played with 3-8 people per room but Exodus can accommodate for party and social/corporate groups as well. Prices at $25 per person and discounts can be provided if your group has more than 16 players.

Call or book a room online today with your friends and put your skills to the test!

Address: 5-520 Wellington St. London, ON N6A 3R2
Phone Number: 226-777-4141
Email address:
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: /exoduslondon


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