CFS Interview Ready: What to Wear

Hey you – if you’ve just received your interview time for CAISA Fashion Show exe recruitment (congrats!) and are looking for some tips and pointers on pulling together an interview-ready look, you’ve come to the right place.

When interviewing with any of our directors in the next couple of days, remember that you’re applying to a fashion show. If you’re a business student, you probably already have 3 different kinds of business formal interview outfits planned out in your mind. However, with us, we encourage you to take some more liberties in your attire and express yourself, but still remain professional. Here are our 2 main pointers to help guide you in making the best first impression when you walk into that interview room:

Don’t be afraid to be fashion-forward. Being a progressive fashion show means that we highly encourage anyone who wants to, to push the boundaries of traditional business wear. While for some department interviews it’s ideal to dress more formally (which we address below), many of our departments hold creativity-based positions, so we want you to be able to express yourself through clothing, and being able to demonstrate a sense of style will only add some bonus points to our first impression of you.

Our Executive Director, Serena, below demonstrates an alternative look for ladies and Gregory, our Marketing Director, does the same for guys.

However, remember to still keep your attire sophisticated and clean. In the end, you still want to remain professional and prove you can handle a high-responsibility position. Especially if you’re interviewing for the departments that require more client-facing duties such as marketing, make sure to keep your attire sophisticated, and if you’re more comfortable with it, dress in more traditional formal elements. For guys, crisp collared shirts with black dress pants is a fool-proof way to go, give or take a blazer depending on your own preferences. For ladies, a solid-colour blouse and dress pants or fitted business skirt paired with a blazer will also work well.

Our Web Design Director, Cullan, below shows an example of male business attire to wear to an interview and Lian, our co-Creative Director, provides an example for ladies.

Now it’s time to craft your own perfect outfit – happy interviewing!


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