Director Intro: Executive Assistant

Name: Erin Kay Yeung

A description of your department: Executive Assistant, I help the departments with absolutely anything they need, and I support the team (#oneteamonedream).

How long you’ve been on the show: This is my second year on the show, I joined in my first year of university.

Things you’ve learned: How to create a killer insta feed and pose like Serena Lam. In all seriousness, I learned that you need to put your hardwork and full energy into making anything a success. I also learned that positivity and teamwork are really important assets to have because throughout the entire process we worked through every up and down together as a team.

Highlights: Raising $230,000 for the Children’s Health Foundation whilst putting on an amazing show each and every year. The department bonding sessions, team meetings, potlucks, memes–basically everything is a highlight in CFS.

Why you joined etc.: Since I was little, I’ve always loved fashion and it’s a huge passion of mine, so when I found out there was a charity fashion show on campus it really lured me in. I had this huge feeling that it was, without a doubt, something I wanted to be a part of. I’m so glad I joined because I learned so much about charity, the behind the scenes of a fashion show, and I gained a CFS family in the whole process. I love it so much, I had to come back.

Favourite Designer: I love the styles of both Dior and Valentino

Favourite Season: Winter, you’ll definitely see me on the slopes or singing Christmas songs 2 months ahead…

Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Song: Someone New by Banks or anything by Banks (literally anything) Favourite Movie: Anastasia

Favourite TV Show: House of Cards


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