What’s the Deal with Oversize?

No, oversize isn’t exactly a new concept. In fact, I remember hearing about it years ago. But oversize used to bring to mind sweaters and jackets that were baggy and fit slightly too long, hiding your upper thighs and maybe the palms of your hands. In the last few seasons, the trend has been pushed to the extremes, with brands such as Vetements, Maison Margiela, and Raf Simons producing massive garments that completely swallow up the wearer. It can’t be argued that these items don’t make for interesting silhouettes, extending arms to be near the wearer’s knees and hiding shoulders and waists almost entirely. This said, what are we to make of these really outrageous items getting so much praise and attention from major fashion outlets?

First off, let me defend the oversized trend. I think these massive items occupy this weird space right now where they’re simultaneously super easy to wear and super difficult to pull off without looking like a fashion victim. These are absolutely meant to be statement pieces, and, assuming you aren’t someone who’s frequently invited to the MMVAs, only really work when worn with basic, simple outfits. There is a certain degree of comfort to this fact; there’s not much to plan an outfit around when your outer coat almost hides the entirety of what’s underneath it. There is also a certain degree of comfort to wearing an item that’s as big (and as warm) as your duvet at home. And I also don’t think anyone should ever should ever stray away from being bold in their dress. As minimalism and Earth-toned outfits reign supreme in the streets of our cosmopolitan centres, seeing something weird and avant-garde is super refreshing and makes fashion something it should aspire to be: fun.

That said, I don’t think this runway look is something we’ll be seeing as a massive trend on the scale of the souvenir jacket or the basic white sneaker (though I’ll be damned if Zara and Forever 21 aren’t sewing knock-offs of the Vetements over-sized sweater in Guangzhou and Shenzhen as I write this blog post). This is a look that’s probably not going to be seen outside of fashion events and celebrities sightings, though Kanye, Rihanna, and Bieber have all been proponents of the look and have even worked it into their respective clothing and merchandise lines. We’re definitely on a trend towards baggier, looser fitting clothes, but I’d hold off on suggesting that the mainstream will ever get this extreme.


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