Fendi’s 90th Anniversary

Famed Italian Fashion House Fendi closed the Trevi Fountain for a special Haute Couture show celebrating the houses 90th anniversary. Taking place on July 7th, attendees were ferried to Rome by chartered plane to experience the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi. Set on top of the waters of the Trevi Fountain, the closed monument was a stunning backdrop as models walked on water in 46 handcrafted pieces.

The show named Legends and Fairy Tales was inspired by a book of Nothern Fairytales from Karl Lagerfeld’s childhood. Each piece, painted, stitched and cut by hand depicts images inspired by these fairytales. While the illustrations themselves are stunning, the true craftsmanship is found in the designs themselves. Persian lamb was hand cut to create a delicate lace, a lynx jacket was painstakingly dyed a shade of light pink, and thousands of squares of mink were stitched together to create a mosaic forest. Fendi  has mastered the art of detail and craftsmanship.

Lagerfeld along with Silvia Venturini Fendi and Pietro Beccari have brought new life into the house, which has continued the glamour and draw of the city of Rome. The show itself drew its audience for a time into another world where magic and fairy tales truly did exist.


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