The Turtleneck: 10 Style Tips

It’s a staple in any fall wardrobe.

The turtleneck is a fashion favourite that is both classic and versatile. But, without the proper styling, this neckline can look a little less than chic. How do you make it work?

Your Thanksgiving plans are underway, and whether it’s a formal affair or a casual ‘Friendsgiving,’ a turtleneck is the perfect piece to dress up or down. So get inspired with these 10 tips to look cool, and stay warm, for the Fall/Winter season.

1: Tuck It In
It’s that simple. A tucked-in top helps to taper your silhouette, especially when it comes to oversized knits. Tuck thinner turtlenecks into a form-fitting pant to build a sleeker shape. Consider segmenting the ensemble with a leather belt.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 4.24.09 AM.png

2: Belt It
The perfect belt makes all the difference. For an edgier aesthetic, cinch your waist with a chunky belt (feat. metallic hardware). Pair this with pleather skinnies and heels. For a softer approach, accompany a fabric belt with sheer tights and knee-high boots. Keep in mind: placement is key, and a belt should fall just beneath the ribs.

3: Roll with It
Worried about looking more “turtle” with less “neck”? Some people assume this classic neckline will only make you look neckless. Not to worry. Experiment with how the collar fits and folds. Simply scrunch or double-roll the neck down to your shoulders. This will suggest a sleeker outline of your neck, with the collar bunched at the base. For a similar effect, try lifting your hair off the shoulders into a bun or ponytail.

4: Layer Under a Dress
This combo is trending on runways, from Tory Burch to Derek Lam. For a quick and breezy outfit, pull a slip dress over a tight and neutral turtleneck.

5: Layer with Overalls
Dress down with overalls. A denim pair works well for anyone looking to reinvent the ‘80s, or capture the classic country feel of fall.

6: Layer Under Shearling
Shearling is a definite trend in the fall fashion market. Layering turtlenecks under shearling bomber jackets can be simple, sophisticated, and a little rugged.


7: Pull on a Poncho
Layering a poncho over your turtleneck achieves a casual fall outfit, best paired with skinny jeans and a suede or leather ankle boot.

8: Pair with a Skirt
Remember: pants are not your only option when it comes to outfitting the turtleneck. Pairing the roll-neck with a skirt (be it denim, leather, or tweed) makes for a perfect transitional piece when it comes to October’s in-between weather.

9: Add a Blazer 
A formal approach to a fall essential. Slip a blazer over a turtleneck to refresh your wardrobe with a contemporary twist. Keep it casual by leaving the blazer unbuttoned, or rolling up the sleeves.

10: Accessorize
The turtleneck is a statement in itself. But that doesn’t mean accessories can’t elevate your look. Wearing your favourite necklace or choker can add character to the ensemble. With the addition of a solid colour bag and brimmed hat, you’re ready to take on tommorow.



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