Why CFS: Alumnae Edition II


Stephen Covic: Public Relations Manager 2015
How Many Years Have You Been on the CFS Team?
1 year on the team
What Stood Out From Your Experience on CFS?
 It was just such a fun learning experience, from building something from the ground up to such a successful show – it was  a really cool experience.
Currently:  I am currently running my online entertainment website, Pop & Press where we publish daily celebrity content. I am also working with a startup company where we connect digital influencers with brands and set them up as successful advertising tools.


Lilian Gordon: Graphics Director 2016
How Many Years Have You Been on the CFS Team?
2 years on the team
How did CFS shape your university experience?
I found some of my closest friends through CFS, got to do a ton of cool stuff like attend photoshoots, and with all the top notch graphics experience I gained I was able to land summer internships and my part time job. 
Currently: After graduation: I work at Bell, accompanied by another CFS alum which makes work way more fun. During my recruitment interviews everyone was really impressed by the size and scale CFS is able to achieve for being a student run fashion show. It is still my greatest accomplishment to date, and I like to keep all the old show promos on my desk



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