Director Intro: Creative

Name: Lian Ma

Position: I am one of the Creative Directors for the show!

Description of Department: Leading the creative direction for CAISA Fashion Show, including theme development, photo and video shoot planning, and styling.

How many years have you been a part of CFS? Three Years!

Things I’ve Learned: That hard work, grit, and persistence, combined with a devoted team of talented individuals, can produce incredible results.

Highlights: All the food gatherings with Stage Design, which I was a part of for the previous two years. From AYCE sushi to homemade bacon mac n cheese, bonding over great food was definitely a highlight over the years.

How did you get involved with CFS? I first became interested in the show when I lived with several of the show’s models and executives for a summer. They constantly had friends over who they met through the show and never stopped talking about CAISA Fashion Show related memories. I knew from this experience that the relationships you establish here go beyond meetings and rehearsals – they truly carry on for the rest of your life. Joining this organization was more than just an opportunity to flex my creative skills and contribute to an amazing charitable cause; it gave me the chance to form friendships and networks that have had incredible impacts in my life. I can easily say that being a part of CAISA Fashion Show has been the best decision I have made in my undergraduate career.

Favourite Colour: black as per CAISA Fashion Show Tradition

Favourite Food: Salmon Sashimi