Model Material

Name: Mitchell Thom

How Many Years Were You on the Show? I’ve been involved with CFS for 4 years, since PRESTIGE (s/o to Marc Corbeil, Bryn, Emile, Devin and Todd… those are my day one CFS mans.)

What was Your Favourite Part About Being on the Show? I met my best friends today through CFS. I actually started rowing during my undergraduate degree because some of the guys I met on CFS convinced me to. My girlfriend was my dance partner in CFS two years ago. I can never quite convince people that it isn’t “just a fashion show” when asked what it is. It’s hard to think about my undergraduate and graduate degree at Western without the influence of the connections that I made through CFS. Oh, right. You asked me what my favourite part of CFS was. The people.

Why CFS? Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of going into medicine, but I can’t front and pretend like supporting the Children’s Health Foundation was my original reason for joining. Although a noble cause and definite benefit of joining CFS, I most definitely joined because I wanted to dance and learn to dance more confidently.

What was your favourite show to model in? I think my relationship would be at risk if I didn’t say my favourite show to “model” in (I prefer the verb perform, as I am definitely not a model. I’m still learning how to smile for pictures at the age of 23) was VIVIFY. I met my girlfriend through that show, and the dance for swimwear was absolutely nasty that year (s/o to Mia). Having people very important to me like Kolade, Marc Addison, and Ryan Ditchfield still around for one last year was also huge. I’ll never forget (and you shouldn’t either) “Mitch, Marc, and Ryans ‘grad party’ in the Barking Frog backhouse that year.


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