Model Material II

Name: Marc Addison

How Many Years Were You on The Show? I was in the show for 4 years: 2012-2015

What Was Your Favourite Part About Being on The Show? My favourite part about being in the show was honestly just practicing and getting to dance and hang out with some pretty incredible people. Also Mitch, Marc and Ryan’s after- I mean grad party in 2015.

Why CFS? That’s an easy one for me. Has to be the people that are a part of it. I met my best friends and tworoomates through the show. They’re still my best friends today.

What Was Your Favourite Show to Model in? My favourite show to model in was Prestige in 2013. We had a really tight-knit group of people, choreos and managers too, who were always up for a beer after practice. That’s also where I met Mitch and Ryan, two guys who I know will be my best buddies 20 years from now


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