Director Intro: Clothing

Name: Rosie Fan

A Description of Your Department: The Clothing department is responsible for sourcing and managing the clothes that the models will wear for the lookbook and show, styling them to fit Creative’s theme, and providing fashion educational articles to the PR department.

How Many Years Have You Been on the Show?This will be my 2nd year on the show.

What Have You Learned From CFS? Things I’ve learned include specialized skills on pitching to clothing sponsors and corporate brands and learning to tailor products from the clothing sponsors to a specific theme to best suit and represent the storyline.

Highlights: Highlights include going to the numerous dress rehearsals leading up to the show and seeing each scene come together as a cohesive show, steaming dress shirts the day of the show in our “clothing dungeon” area, and every weekly meeting when the Exec Director would pull up embarrassing photos as exec shoutouts.

What Inspired you to get Involved with CFS? I joined because I’d been studying arts nearly my whole life and wanted to explore fashion, which I thought was an interesting application, and I loved the fact that we dedicate all our time and resources to a charitable cause.

Favourite Fashion Show: Dior Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Favourite Colour: Pink


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