Trend Alert: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

With the temperature dropping as we approach the halfway mark of October, it’s time to move on from our Summer favourites and into Fall fashion. Although Fall is one of my favourite seasons, I can personally vouch for never knowing what to wear (especially if it’s a long day of classes and the weather changes multiple times -to wear a jacket or to not wear a jacket? #firstworldproblems).

In hopes to help you all plan your outfits more efficiently so you don’t have to miss the bus again (like me), here are some of my favourite Fall pieces I think you definitely need in your closet:

The Bomber Jacket

Probably one of my favourite trends, the well-known bomber jacket is a super versatile fall essential. Use it to dress up a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, or pair it with a cute preppy outfit -it could work with anything. Luckily, following the trend, there are now many variations of bomber jackets. Long lined bombers are perfect for the colder fall days, or opt for a thinner silk bomber if the weather starts to get warmer.

The Velvet Slip Dress (or anything velvet)

A trend that works just as well in Fall as in Summer, this 90s dress is a great addition to any closet. Worn over a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt, you can become a 90s layering queen (or king). Even paired under a bomber with a pair of tights and booties, you can wear it however you like.

The Bell Sleeve

If someone asked me if I would have owned a pair of culottes last year I would have laughed and asked them “what are culottes even?” If you’ve seen Instagram fashion bloggers wear a flared out, cropped style pant -those are culottes. Great for Summer, Spring, and Fall, this pant is quite diverse and is great for many dressed-up and casual occasions. However, this bell sleeve trend does not stop there. By having a eye-catching bell-sleeve along with a simple shirt, it pairs for a great outfit that is both classy and cute.

The Eco-Bag

A trend that has garnered much attention in many Asian countries, I did not notice the popularity of this canvas shoulder bag until I visited South Korea. Not only is it eco-friendly, this bag is washable, super-cute, and quite practical as well. Ever since I purchased it during my trip, it has probably been my go-to everyday bag (besides my backpack). With graphic statements printed across the body of the bag, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it allows room for hundreds of style variations for every type of person out there.

The Classics

Some of my favourite timeless classics include the over-the-knee boot, the biker jacket, and the chunky sweater. With our past revisiting us in the fashion world, it is no surprise I see black leather jackets everywhere I look. However, if you are looking to distinguish yourself from the rest, maybe look into brighter coloured jackets or different embellishments. Also, maybe look into different boot materials if you’re tired of leather, or a cute block heel!

Of course, any of these trends are subject to change, so wear what you love to wear. If you like bright colours, switch it up a bit -go for that pink leather jacket or those yellow culottes! Fashion is what you make it to be and everyone has their own personal style.Who knows, maybe you’ll rediscover yourself as a choker lover (ie. me), or someone who cannot stand off the shoulder shirts (also me). At the end of the day, whether you choose to own some of these trends or not, I don’t doubt you’ll look just as good.


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