Director Intro: Public Relations

Name: Steph Mumford

A Description of Your Department: I’m this year’s Public Relations Director for CFS, my role this year is to act as a social media marketing manager as well as an editor in chief of a fashion publication! My team and I create social media content, run promotional campaigns as well as write articles for the blog!

How Many Years Have you Been on CFS? 3 years! First as a Marketing Manager, then a PR Manager and now PR Director!

What Have You Learned During Your Time on CFS? That if you have 60+ people who are all focused on a cause, all driven to succeed and give everything they have, you are going to blow people’s expectations out of the water. Anyone on the team will attest to this, and to the family that is created from the experience.

How Did you Get Involved with CFS? I got involved with CFS in my second year of university after seeing the show in my first year. It was a way to combined my love of fashion with my love of marketing and public relations.

Favourite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Favourite Song: Someone New- Hozier

Favourite Movie: Moulin Rouge/Love Actually


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