Today, Kenzo’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are set to unveil their much-anticipated collection for H&M in New York.

On November 3, the collaboration will be made available online, and hit 250 stores worldwide. In case you can’t wait, here’s your first look at our favourites from the new collection.


Featured Left to Right: Bag ($129), Gloves ($79.99)


Featured Left to Right: Shirt ($99), Skirt ($79.99)


Featured Left to Right: Coat ($249), Shirt ($49.99), Hat ($49.99), Socks ($29.99)


Featured Left to Right: Leather jacket ($399) Sleeveless jacket ($299), Cropped bomber ($149)

H&M is no stranger to designer capsule collections. Its past collaborators include Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Versace. This time around, Kenzo x H&M is offering a collection that is undeniably bold. It channels classic Kenzo, with colourful print and jungle-inspired motifs. Since 2011, the founders of Opening Ceremony, Lim and Leon, have led the brand from what Japanese designer Kenzō Takada began. Takada took Paris by storm in 1970, by blending Asian influences with European savoir-faire to create new ways to dress, with inspired patterning and explosive colours.

This brand new collection offers striking statement pieces, from long leather gloves to tiger print jackets. Stripes are splashed across several pieces, celebrating the iconic Kenzo trademark: its storied tiger. Between jungle patterns and vibrant shades, many items make for a stand-out fall accessory.

As for the tamer end of this capsule, the new line offers a black and white leather bag, and solid-colour basics. The collection also keeps things classic, but inspired, with pullovers featuring the brand’s tiger:


Featured: Branded pullovers ($59 each)

So what exactly can we expect in terms of price? Like last fall’s Balmain collaboration, this H&M collection is pricey. The most expensive item, a multicoloured dress, rings in at $549. On the other end of the scale: socks offered at $12.99 a pair. A variety of pieces range in-between, from $39.99 to $99, before entering the higher end at $129 to $399.

#KENZOxHM releases November 3. Tell us which piece you’re most excited for.

Photos: Highsnobiety


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