Vogue for Hilary

The fashion bible has spoken. Vogue, the holy book for the fashion industry has endorsed a political candidate for the first time in the magazines 124 year history. This morning the magazine posted on their Instagram page announcing that they will be endorsing  the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton. The magazine in conjunction with the post released a statement explaining why they have chosen to throw their voice into the Presidential race and why they are choosing to support Hilary Clinton. The article is linked below, for your reference.

Vogue’s decision is eloquently put and provides an incredibly compelling argument for why Hilary Clinton should be the next President. They have cited her years of experience, her platforms on gun violence, immigration reform, LGBTQ+ rights and many others as proof of her expertise and qualifications. Vogue addresses their ties to both Presidential candidates as Hilary has been featured six times throughout the entirety of her political career starting from when she was a law student at Yale through to this year’s political race. Donald Trump has been featured as well as several members of his family. The article, however, does recognize that she is not the perfect candidate but she is in their belief the best.

Anna Wintour the editor- in- chief of Vogue has yet to release a statement in regards to this endorsement, however, she has personally fundraised for the Clinton campaign as well as been a style consultant for Hilary Clinton throughout the race.

This morning Vogue has made history, and history will be made again on November 8th.

Do you believe that Vogue is endorsing Hilary because she is truly the best candidate for President or because of corporatism and advertising potential?

Here is the link to Vogue’s Statement: Vogue Endorses Hilary Clinton for President of the United States

*feature image taken from Vogue’s Instagram, photo credits to Annie Leibovitz*


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