Director Intro: Model Management

Name: Sima Rehemtulla

A Description of Your Department:Model Management does what you’ve probably already guessed. We manage the models. This means we go from making sure models arrive at rehearsals on time to attending photoshoots, full day run throughs, and fundraising within our scenes. Each Model Manager has twelve models (I refer to them as my children) they lead. If you’re in the business of wanting to watch very attractive human beings dance in pretty clothes, Model Management is definitely for you.

How Many Years Have You Been on CFS? This year will be my second year on the CAISA exec team, but I’ve been an audience member of the show since my first year. Last year I was a Model Manager for the Formal scene.

What Have You Learned From CFS? My year on the team taught me a lot. I learned that patience is key, and that everyone is going to have a different idea of what “late” means. I also learned what hard work and dedication looks like. All of my models were hardworking and committed, and I admired them for it.

Highlights: Last year on CAISA for me was just one big highlight. I bonded with so many people on the team, and definitely made life long friendships along the way. I joined because a bunch of my friends were already on the team, and I wanted the chance to be part of something so grand and innovative. I haven’t looked back since.

Favourite movie: The Social Network (although The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl are close seconds. David Fincher basically owns me).

Favourite tv show: Right now it’s Mr. Robot. That season finale blew my mind.


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