Director Intro: Stage Design

Name: Edward Feng

A Description of Your Department: Stage design is largely responsible for designing how each scene is going to look – things like props, prop placement, and projection content.  We play a pretty large role in the creative visual outlook of the show.  In addition, we build all the props that are used in the Show. 

How Long Have Your Been on the Team? Personally, I joined CAISA Fashion Show last year. 

What Made you Get Involved with CFS? I joined mostly because I had a pretty strong interest in set construction and stage design throughout high school and really wanted to develop my interest on a much larger scale.

What Have you Learned from CFS? Over the last year I’ve definitely learned a ton about the various systems and parts that come into play to put on something as big as CFS. 

Highlights: It takes a pretty crazy level of teamwork and coordination to pull it off, and just that feeling of accomplishment at the end was probably the highlight of the year.

Favorite Song: Pink Lemonade – The Wombats 

Favorite TV Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender


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