Hermès Built a City in Tokyo

This month, Hermès revolutionized the pop-up event, building a 30,000 square-foot city for one night, and one night only.

The pop-up appeared in Tokyo at the Haneda International Airport. Titled the “Nature of Men,” the event featured a fall menswear show, and various art installations. The micro-city was an interplay of both architecture and technology, creating a high-fashion event lasting a single night. After Saturday, October 16, the city disappeared.

The event was open to 1,000 prestigious guests and, in case you weren’t one of them, here’s your look into the wonderful city of Hermès.


On the Runway. The event commenced with a 12-minute runway show of the Hermès Fall 2016 menswear collection. Artistic men’s director Véronique Nichanian of Hermès wanted to show men in movement, displaying the contemporary man who is always on-the-go. A digital cityscape at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport provided the perfect venue. After all, what’s an airport without a runway?


The Nature of Men. After the show, guests of the event were invited to tour the city. Inspired by the designs of Nigel Peake, the pop-up city fused technology and architecture to merge the fantasy of fashion with the reality of men.


The History of Hermès. Vintage Hermès jackets line the hallway as both historical artifacts, and timeless mementos of the iconic brand.


Lighting the Way. The city featured a mirrored hallway lit with rainbow-coloured lights; an instant social media favourite.


That’s the Spirit. A fully-stocked craft bar served up cognac, whisky, and other spirits.


An Eye for Design. A telescope, created by multimedia firm Rhizomatiks, displays a kaleidoscope of Hermès-inspired patterns.


One installation imagined a man so overwhelmed by the choice of his favourite pair of shoes that he chooses to go barefoot.


For the Record. An Hermès record shop was decorated with LP record covers sporting 72 scarf designs from the last 12 years.


Playing Around. A high-tech and modern game room features vintage arcade games.

Photos by Irwin Wong | Via: The Daily Beast


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