Director Intro: Graphics

Name: Tiffany Zheng

A description of your department: CAISA Fashion Show graphics is the (small but mighty!) team which creates and perfects all the visual promo for the show online and in print. Our major tasks include developing the logo for the show (meticulously deciding things like colour schemes and fonts), working on the fashion lookbook which each audience member at the show receives, as well as all the social media graphics for events leading up to the show and, of course, the show itself. In addition to these core projects, we also help out the media team with the photoshoots for the lookbook, create t-shirt designs for special promotions, and basically anything else that needs any sort of graphics expertise (and graphics love <3).

How long you’ve been on the show: This is my 2nd year.

Things you’ve learned :

1) Make cover photos 1702px by 630px, with 300ppi.

2) Don’t stress.

3) Anything can be fixed with photoshop and a little bit of time.

Highlights: I loved being behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot for the first time ever. We were shooting in the greenhouse on campus, and I literally felt like I was on set of an episode of America’s Next Top Model. 

Oh, and ordering pizza at night while working on the last round of photo edits together with the graphics team is my favourite kind of Tuesday night.

Why you joined: Haven’t you heard? CAISA Fashion Show is the largest student-run charity fashion show in all of Canada. ’nuff said I think.

Favourite Colour: 

Favourite Movie: 
One of my favourites: The Grand Budapest Hotel. It is absolutely gorgeous cinematography, a must-watch.


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