Director Intro: Music

Name: Christine Park

A Description of Your Department: This year I have the pleasure of being the music director for CFS! I work closely with the creative directors and choreographers to mix and compile a soundtrack that transmits the story and theme of the show in a captivating way. Music is such a beautiful thing and it really makes or breaks the show, so I’m really honoured to have this opportunity.

What is Your Favourite Part about CFS? This is my fifth year with CAISA Fashion Show and there’s a reason I keep coming back. Nothing has ever tested my patience and work ethic as much as CFS has, and although it’s taken quite a lot out of me, I’m forever grateful for the amazing friends I’ve made and the experiences that helped me grow as a person. Watching the show itself evolve from what it was when I started with CFS into the production it is now is also something that always takes me aback.

My favourite season is fall because I love sweater weather, and if I had to pick a favourite colour other than black or grey, it’d be blue.


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