The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Every year, CAISA Fashion Show brings the best music to our stage. We believe music sets the tone at any event, and it makes up an important part of Canada’s largest student-run fashion show.

This Halloween, your ghoulish get-togethers won’t be complete without the perfect playlist. Before we share the Ultimate Halloween Playlist, here are a few tips to make your own:

1. Get Gritty. Select songs that have a dark and distorted sound. The grungier, the better. It’s sure to set an eerie mood, and be completely on-trend.
2. Mix it up. Who says you can’t throw rap, dance, and alt-rock onto the same playlist? Balance enough genres so that anyone—from pop fans to indie rockers—can enjoy.
3. Don’t overdo the theme. It’s okay to step outside the Halloween theme and slip some crowd-pleasing tracks into the mix.
4. Bring Back the ’80s. Halloween’s most iconic anthems are brought to you by the 1980s. Think Thriller, and Ghostbusters. There’s something about the ‘80s synth-pop sound that captures the campy spirit of Halloween, and has stayed current in today’s music. So whether you love the older classics, or just thinking about the ’80s sends a chill down your spine, a playback of the decade is required for the spookiest night of the year

Get inspired. Check out our Ultimate Halloween Playlist here:


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